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In the middle of Indian Ocean, surrounded by blue-green lagoons, decorated with tiny islands is this paradise. The sands are white, the sea inviting where fishes swim happily in the warm waters, the locals are friendly and weather is moderate which makes it a tranquil haven. A perfect beach destination of unparallel beauty with shorelines covered by grass, shrubs and trees has equally vibrant underwater sceneries with coral reefs which resemble work of art and a great spot for scuba diving.


Shopping is an integral part of travel and it is no different when you visit Maldives which otherwise has a popular perception of relaxation. As souvenirs the best buys are Thudukuna (Maldivian mat woven with local natural fibers), sarongs, wooden miniature dhonis (sailing boat), lacquer work painted in shades of black, red and yellow. It is also a good idea to pick up a few cans of packed tuna, smoked or chipped dried fish available in many super markets around Male to create some Maldivian cuisine back home or just for gifting. Join the bustling throngs of shoppers on the main shopping streets of Male in the evenings makes for a unique experience.


Variety of fish and seafood along with coconut form the integral part of Maldivian cuisine in this country which is surrounded on all sides by waters of the ocean. The favorite fish is tuna either sun dried, boiled, smoked or processed. During the visit you must try dishes like Gurudiya (fish broth), Mashuni (smoked tuna with coconut), Dhon Riha (tuna curry) had with Roshi (flat bread) or rice, Theluli Mas (spicy fried fish), Fihunu Mas (grilled fish), Banbukeyo Bondibai (breadfruit desert). However vegetarians don’t be disappointed, resorts and guest houses do serve something which is not fish and bone.


Whether it is for total relaxation at one of the resort on exclusive island or heavenly setting for honeymooners or exploring islands inhabited by locals experiencing their culture and cuisine staying at guest houses or bit of adventure scuba diving where you even get certified as a diver or chasing the dolphins or explore the seas in a luxury yacht or hold a conference to motivate your team and many more options we would be able arrange your perfect holiday to indulge your fancies.